Office Lounge System

After some disruptive years caused by the pandemic people slowly started going to the office again. However, things have changed. Many have realized that they don‘t need an office to do work. The role of the office has developed to a place for (informal) meeting, interaction and discussion, rather than for individual tasks. Taking into consideration these new cultural implications, we have developed objects to accommodate the post- pandemic office, focussing on the lounge area.

Tubi a modular and customizable seating system,

where the main feature is a versatile frame structure. It is constructed by connecting round tubular elements to the main frame. This enables it to easily adapt to different situations in office lounge environments.

The system incorporates different heights and depths in the seating and in the backrest, allowing both active/ standing and passive body positions.

  • Published 2022
  • in collaboration with Dyota Harmunanto

  • Materials Aluminium, Steel, Ash, Dryfoam, Upholstery
  • final mock-up made in wood, styrofoam and textile
  • 60 x 60 x 75 cm , 60 x 150 x 75 cm